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Why study English?

English has become the universal language being English, the most spoken language in the world. For this reason thousands of people decide to study English as a second language since having a good knowledge and understanding of English will only bring you advantages both personally and professionally.

 The two best-known English dialects are American and British, the latter also called “Oxford English” for being the English taught at the University of Oxford. These two variations of English are increasingly expanding, as they are those taught as a foreign language in half the world and are supported by the dissemination provided by the English-speaking media.

The reasons for studying English are many and varied. Here we want to offer you the most important, apart from a little information about the language, and a list of practical tips with which you can learn English in a much faster and more efficient way.

Why study English: To work

Perhaps the fundamental reason why studying English is so important is because English is fundamental when it comes to finding work. English will give us access to a better education and therefore to the possibility of a better job. Our job opportunities will multiply as soon as we master the language. Both in government areas and in multinational companies, regardless of your field of work, English will always give you advantages when it comes to ascending or accessing another job, helping you improve your current employment situation.

Why study English: Education and information

Another important reason to learn English is that we can access a better education, without limiting ourselves to the universities or training centers of our own country. It will also give us access to more current and complete information, we will know the latest advances and we will be able to access the majority of scientific, academic and technological texts, written in English. According to a study, more than 56% of Internet sites are published in English. In second place is the German with 8%.

Why study English: Holidays

Studying English is the best excuse to spend a great holiday. A language trip abroad is the best way to learn English, to get to know a new culture and interesting people, to visit incredible places and to enjoy an unforgettable holiday in general.